Data driven personalised learning systems
Empowering students with detailed actionable feedback
Personalized learning material for students, teachers and parents
Watch how XAMCHECK and IMAX are changing learning experience for Maya

How we’re changing education delivery

XAMCHECK and IMAX partner with schools, supporting them in processes they follow, with learning materials & processes that are all crafted to work together as an interconnected system to drive learning.

Schools receive methodically crafted question papers for all examinations. We, in turn, get a granular understanding of each individual student.


Pedagogically sound learning material crafted in-house by experts, is delivered to students in the form of textbooks.


Our report cards don’t just give numbers or grades – we explain to the child their strengths and weaknesses so the child, the parents and the teachers can respond.


Every child gets a personalized workbook based on their strengths and weaknesses. This helps the child understand and reinforce concepts.


Teachers are supported with easy-to-implement lesson plans. Each class also gets thoughtfully put together holistic activity kits that go hand-in-hand with the learning material.


Digital tools and digitized content that seamlessly integrate with the learning material and reach the child at the right time and in the right form.

What we've achieved!

XAMCHECK and IMAX were introduced in early 2013 as a pilot program. Since then we’ve come a long way in establishing ourselves as the fastest growing education company in India.

Number of students

We started with a modest 3400 children in the academic year of 2013-14 and are aiming to be working with 500,000 children, come 2016-17!

Number of exams conducted

Examinations are key to an accurate understanding of learning outcomes and the conceptual make-up of a child. They also provide us with data points which help us understand patterns at a macro level.

Personalised worksheets

Personalised workbooks are the medium of perfectly customized learning for children to build concepts that they are weak in and capatilize on those that they are strong in.

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Where we're headed

We’re intensely passionate about creating a universal learning ecosystem for learners, wherever they are, at their own pace and in a way that works best for them. We believe that to enable these learning experiences, a synergistic interplay between offline and digital touch-points, which connects learners, educators and content creators is essential.

Our team

For us, our team is the company and the product.

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